Below is the program for CNVS 2015. The program for CNVS 2016 will be presented later this year.

Tuesday 28th April 2015

08:30Executive Chairman's opening remarks

Christopher Price, Linux Foundation Collaborative Project Ambassador, Sweden

Virtualization at the Telecom Austria Group - Making progress
  • Summary of the TA Group's engagement in trials of virtualized solutions, including:
- vEPC trials and how the TA Group ended up there
- OpenSource-vIMS trials and results
- vTAS trials and further activities
- vVoLTE trials and further activities
- Efforts on vCPE
- Efforts on SDN
- SW Orchestration: Comparing the OpenSource approach (KVM, Openstack) with productized approaches.

Wolfgang Fleischer, Group Lead Core & Service Networks, Group CTO Area SN & IT, Telekom Austria Ag, Austria.

Changing the role of the network: How far are we with network virtualization and software driven services?
  • Critical review of progress to-date: How are operators using SDN & NFV to improve their networks?
  • Exploring what the results show us with regards to stabilizing the network, standardizing the network and driving down costs
  • Examining evolving Operator-Vendor relationships: Have we achieved our aim of engaging with a broader community of vendors?
  • Experience to date of implementing Network Virtualization and the next steps for Telefónica
  • Future outlook: To what extent will SDN and NFV alter our networks and businesses?
  • How long will this take?
Francisco-Javier Ramón Salguero, Head of Network Virtualisation Labs /TI+D-GCTO Unit, Telefónica i+D, Spain.

Exploring how NFV can enable service differentation & proximity to the customers
  • Personalizing the set of VNF for the customer
  • Deploying VNF closer to the customer
  • Allowing the testing of new services with timeliness
  • Changing the release and versions of software into a more 'web-like' proposition
Andrea Pinnola, Senior Project Manager, Telecom Italia. Italy.

Smart virtualizaton architecture: Assuring quality and performance

Mobile operators must transform their service and business models, and embrace new virtualization technologies to build next generation networks.

Doug Daberius, Director of business development for EMEA, Mavenir.
Leonard Scheepsma, VP Business Development, EMEA Region, Mavenir
10:00Networking morning break

Demonstrating a sound business case for Network Virtualization and SDN

Roundtables will be hosted by leading experts with extensive experience in the following topics to guide discussion
  • Getting to grip with the drivers for change: Why must this be your organization's no.1 priority?
  • What advice can be shared for achieving wide-spread organizational buy-in?
  • How should you prioritize and develop your business case? E.g. Cost savings, agility and new functionality?
  • How can you quantify the impact for the end user?
  • To what extent will costs be cut?
  • How should you organize your approach around other ongoing initiatives?
  • Which keys steps are neccesary for risk reduction?
Roundtable leaders include:
Franz Seiser, VP Core Network and Services, Deutsche Telekom Ag, Germany.
Wolfgang Fleischer, Group Lead Core & Service Networks, Group CTO Area SN & IT, Telekom Austria Ag, Austria.
11:40Building a Phased Approach to NFV and SDN - a Pragmatic Approach
  • Capitalizing on proven appliances in traditional networks to continue delivering value during the migration to NFV
  • Delivering key network functions economically and at high scale - in the proper sequence
  • Incorporating intelligent, policy-based orchestration in the later phases of migration
Alex Westley, Senior Product Marketing Analyst, Oracle Communications.
12:00Networking lunch break

OpenDaylight: Open Source software to reimagine networking

We figured out how to virtualize storage and compute, but when you get to the network all those gains begin to dissipate. Networking is the last frontier to be abstracted and bring the software-defined data center to life. But while the industry agrees that software-defined networking (SDN) is what we want, we don’t agree on how to achieve it. What’s necessary for SDN to thrive is for the industry to collaborate on a common, open source SDN platform. The OpenDaylight Project has created a neutral space for bitter competitors to tackle this together through debate and meritocracy. But laying the foundation for the next 20 years of networking is no small feat. The OpenDaylight community plays hosts to all of the biggest technical discussions around SDN. Neela Jacques will share his observations on the debates and why doing this in the open is so critical to achieving SDN

Neela Jacques, Executive Director, The OpenDaylight Project, USA.

Working effectively with your Network Virtualization and SDN partners

Roundtables will be hosted by leading experts with extensive experience in the following topics to guide discussion
  • How are vendors working together to facilitate change?
  • How to select the right vendors for your project: Which have employed high value use cases already?
  • How should internal infrastructures and roles be transformed to engage more successfully with multiple external partners?
  • How can you exploit the strenghts of technologies from various vendors to combine them effectively?
  • How can you make the most of your vendor's expertise and work together effectively when implementing NFV/SDN?
Roundtable leaders to include:
Johan Hjortås, Manager, Network Architecture Design and Longterm, TeliaSonera, Sweden.
Janne Mikola, Development Manager, TeliaSonera, Finland.
14:00Networking afternoon break

Exploring current applications of SDN at Spotify
  • Summarizing current employment of SDN at Spotify: Examining use cases
  • Discussing how SDN can be used to reduce CAPEX, OPEX and automate and simplify operations
  • Advantages of building your own SDN router with commodity switches to reduce CAPEX
  • Assessing the challenges
  • Plans for the future
David Barroso, Network Specialist, Spotify Sweden.

How can we improve network virtualization and software driven services?
  • What have we learned from PoCs? What worked and what didn't?
  • How can we overcome issues around technical capabilities of the Cloud infrastructure people are using?
  • Where are improvements needed for:
    - Security
    - Performance
    - Management
  • How can we fill the gaps?
  • How can we change our organizational structures to make room for change?
  • What is the big picture for the long-term?
  • And what will be the impact?
Neela Jacques, Executive Director, OpenDaylight Project, USA.
Ian Maclean, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Mavenir Systems, USA.
Franz Seiser, VP Core Network and Services, Deutsche Telekom Ag, Germany.
Cecilia Maria Corbi, Project Manager, Telecom Italia, Italy.
Alex Westley, Oracle Communications
Charlie Ashton, Senior Director, Business Development, Networking Solutions, Wind River
16:00Executive chairman's closing remarks

Christopher Price, Linux Foundation, Collaborative Project Ambassador, Sweden.
16:10Business and bubbles networking
17:00Meeting closes