Janne Mikola

Janne Mikola, Development Manager, TeliaSonera

Janne Mikola is Development Manager at TeliaSonera, responsible for planning development projects and roadmaps, as well as lifecycle management of the current portfolio in enterprise networking segment. Mikola’s technical expertise areas, in addition to networking in general, SDN and application development, are IEEE 802.1X, NAC, network monitoring technologies (NetFlow, jFlow/sFlow, NBAR/2), server virtualization and Linux wizardry. Currently Mikola is spearheading SDN-related service development in TeliaSonera Finland along with some of his colleagues.

Before TeliaSonera, Mikola worked as a Software Engineer at Qbitech Ltd for three and a half years, where he participated in various projects utilizing wide range of programming tools and methods. At Qbitech, Mikola focused his interest in open REST APIs in general as the most cost-effective and agile way of achieving great things with relative ease. The road from there to SDN was quite obvious, thanks to the Northbound interfaces of the SDN stack. Mikola has exceptionally strong background (for networking field) in current programming tools and technologies, such as agile development with Scrum, Python, databases, PHP, AJAX, jQuery, Prototype, Kinetic.js and node.js.

Mikola wrote his M.Sc. thesis at Tampere University of Technology about SDN Northbound APIs and has personally developed several prototype SDN applications with Python and Java. Mikola also has a pending patent on dynamic network behavior based on user/application –mapping.